Sunflower Honey - 3.5 Gallon Bucket (42lbs)

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Whether you're a home mead maker, home baker, or just a honey fanatic that loves to buy in bulk, we have exactly what you need.

Our 3.5 gallon (42lbs) buckets offer a great value with free shipping to our high volume customers.

We are committed to using our 50 years of Walker Family experience with raw honey to bring you the best of this specialty honey.

Sunflower Honey is a bright yellow honey with neutral to no aftertaste. Mead makers may like this honey better for fruited or spiced meads.

Sunflower Honey is sourced from the Ukraine. The Ukraine is one of the highest honey producing nations per capita in the world!


Sunflower Honey has a low Fructose/Glucose ratio, which means it will crystallize very quickly!!!  This honey is for mead making, baking, or creamed honey.