Single Story Bee Hive (Live Bees)

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A single story Hive is a nuclear hive already installed in a deep brood chamber with a lid and a bottom board.  It does not include a honey super.

Single Story Hive includes: 

  • WHF Reversible SteelPly Lid
    • 4 entrance holes for ventilation in the summer heat, can be flipped upside down to remove all entrances in the winter.
    • Dipped in linseed oil/mineral spirits for waterproofing and longevity
  • Unmarked Minnesota Hygienic Italian Queen (mated and accepted)
  • 3 frames of brood/larvae
  • 1 frame of Resources
  • 3 frames of Undrawn Foundation 
  • 1 in hive feeder 
  • New Deep Shell
  • New Bottom Board with entrance reducer


**Pick Up Only - 8060 E US HWY 190 Rogers, TX 76569**