Gallberry Honey Pint

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Gallberry honey is sourced from a small evergreen holly bush (also known as inkberry) that grows along the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast - Northern Florida - and produces a unique honey that is popular throughout the piney woods and swamps of Florida. It is desirable for the honey's rich, elegant taste and is prized for its honeycomb. This honey is naturally low in ​glucose ​(slow to crystallize) and is used by many athletes as a recovery food. We know this offering at Walker Honey Farm Store is going to be a crowd favorite, so we have worked to establish long-term relationships with reliable producers. Our hope is to sustain these relationships so that you can count on enjoying this specialty honey for years to come. 

A pint of Gallberry contains 1.5lbs of honey and comes in a glass jar with a screw-top metal lid.