Does honey have an expiration date?
NO! Honey is the only natural food that doesn't spoil. 3000 year old honey retrieved from Egyptian tombs is still unspoiled and ready for human consumption! If exposed to air and moisture honey will begin to ferment. 
What do I do if my honey Crystallizes?
Crystallization occurs naturally to honey. It happens in the hive during cool weather. You can eat honey while it is crystallized if you like the textures. (Much like you can nosh on ice.) If you prefer your honey to be in the liquid state you may warm it slowly by microwaving in 20 second intervals, stirring in between each heating. Or, you may place it in a pan of water on the stove top at low heat. Place a dish rag between the jar and the pan so as not to burn the honey. 
Is my honey still good if it starts to turn into sugar?
See #1 and #2 above. 
Why are you not supposed to feed honey to children under the age of 1?
Honey--as well as Apples, Bananas, Pears, Carrots, etc.--may expose children to infant botulism (not the same as adult botulism). There is no recorded incident of a child over the age of 5 months having been thought to contract infant botulism from honey. We err on the side of safety and use one year as the safe period for infants to avoid honey. It's lawyer language! 
Is your honey raw?
Yes! All Walker Honey is unprocessed and raw. We warm our honey only enough to strain the beeswax from it. We do this at low temperatures that do not harm the naturally occurring enzymes, yeasts, phytonutrients, or pollen. We strain at 50 microns--about cheesecloth consistency--allowing all the naturally occurring pollens to remain in the honey unharmed. Grocery store honey is processed at high temperatures--pasteurized!--and filtered as low as 5 microns. No pollen survives this process. All yeast and enzymes are destroyed and removed. This is done so that honey can be warehoused, shipped, and shelved for long periods of time without crystallizing. Our honey crystallizes more rapidly because we minimally strain it and do not subject it to these high levels of processing and filtration. Processed honey retains only the original sugar molecules of honey. As such it is best understood as a product derived from pure honey much like fat free milk is a by-product derived from whole milk.
I have bees on my property, do you take bees?
We appreciate you offering bees to us. There is definitely a shortage of honey bees and native bees and pollinators. However, it is not cost effective for us to remove bees and stock our hives with them. If the bees are not bothering you or your animals, then we hope you will leave them in their natural state. If they are a nuisance or a danger then we encourage you to seek a bee removal specialist. To read more about Texas bee removal and who to contact visit our Texas Bee Removal page.
​Do you sell bees or beekeeping equipment? 
No. We would refer you to R Weaver Apiaries in Navasota, TX. Find them at (936) 825-2333 or RWeaver.com
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